Large capacity Vibrating Screen, several types Deck can be produce

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PU vibrating screen is one of the unique product or equipment,it is used for separating the stuff. The circular vibrating screen work on circular motion. The vibrating screens are mainly used in coal dressing,metallurgy, mine, power station, water conservancy project, building industry, light industry, and chemical industry. They are efficient screening machines for the classification of bulk material such as coal, minerals, coke etc.


Working Principle:  

Vibrating screen is compiled of mainframe, screen web, rub spring, electric motor, coupler and some more. It has several layers and is of high efficiency. The eccentric shaft vibration exciter and partial block help to adjust amplitude. The material drops down along the long line.




Main parts :

Mainly consists of screen box,vibration exciter,hanging or supporing unit,and motor .the motor drives main shaft of vibration exciter via V-belt to rotate.The screen box is vibrated due to the action of centrifugal inertia force of  unbalanced heavy load on the vibration exciter ,different amplitudes are available through changing the eccentric weight of vibration exciter.


Steel Iron Vibrating screen ( Below Model is 1500*4500 for screen mesh )

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PU Vibrating screen

We can supply many kind of vibrating screen



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