JT series High Capacity Gravity ore separator saw-tooth wave jigger price

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Product Details:

Copper and Mn ore separator


Description of Gravity ore separator

Our Gravity ore separator saw-tooth wave jigger is a new type of energy saving and high efficient gravity separation equipment and developed based on the traditional Sine gold equipment. The difference between Saw-tooth Wave Ladder Jig and Sine Wave Jig is that the pulsation curve for Mineral separation jigging machine is saw-tooth wave shape, with speedy upward flow and slow downward flow. Bed layer is elevated integrally and slowly dropped with a long effective loose time, allowing significant increase of handling capacity for unit screen surface, decrease of lower limit of grain size recovery and large save of make-up water for undersize fraction.


Industrial tests carried our of Saw-tooth Wave Ladder Jig and Sine Wave Jig for comparison showed that the recovery rate for operation of Saw-tooth Wave Ladder Jig is raised by Sn:3.01%, W:5.5%, Pb:1.63%, Zn:2.04%; The water consumption reduces 30%-40% with water consumption being decreased by 30-40%. The area reduces 1/3 and the stroke may adjust also.


Application of Gravity ore separator :

Saw-tooth wave jigger is capable of handling almost full sizes of mineral materials other than very fine material. It features simple process operation, heavy duty equipment handling capacity with final products being obtained through one time separation. They can achieve a good result in processing such as placer gold, tantalum, niobium, titanium, tungsten, iron, tin, hematite, copper, coal, manganese, barite, zirconium and chrome etc.


Technical Specification of  Gravity ore separator:

 JT .jpg


 Features & Benefits our Gravity ore separator  

1. Compact structure and small occupation area

2. Energy saving and continuous working

3. High recovery, high unit throughput and low water consumption

4. Simple installation and Minimal maintenance requirements

5. Stroke and frequency of stroke can be easily adjusted


Main Construction of Gravity ore separator

This type ore separator is mainly consist of three parts: Main frame, driving set and jigging chamber .



Pictures show that Gravity ore separator

Delivery pictures of machine for Gravity ore separator 

Mine Site Gravity ore Separator:


Nigeria mine site whole production line machines

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