Four aspects promote the efficiency for ball mill

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Four aspects promote the efficiency for ball mill

  • Ball mill need to constantly improve their performance at work, in order to create more benefits, but many need attention to transformation and ball mill, will introduce in detail here:

    1, closed raw mill in the transformation of raw materials into ground water as high as 3.5% may still achieve high yield, a raw meal grinding machines cost thousands of dollars to the end of most, improvement of grinding time normally does not exceed 24 hours, stepped down the same conditions etc can improve around 20~80%.

    2, fine Jaw Crusher technology is using the principle of volume solids and laminated theory and under the crushing nature of the material, the granularity optimization design of the crusher jaw plate. New e-Board make the material into the crushing cavity to be squeezed by the ongoing and parallel to the lower part was some distance from the crushing cavity extrusion. As the material is squeezed in the crushing cavity of the number of times the ordinary crusher, crushing efficiency greatly improved, leaves the material granularity average of 5~10MM, around 30% and powder.

    3, separator upgrading technology is based on the original Cyclone separator and centrifugal separator based, taking into account the particle size distribution of cement a more rational instead of squirrel cage rotor classifier, modified to ensure efficiency of raw powder above 70%; when the mill production rose 10%~40%.

    4, ball mill grinding system optimization techniques are based on the original grinding production process, taking into account the material particle size, temperature, mixed wood types. Applying the theory of system balance, length, one or two positions within the mill, mill ventilation capacity within, other equipment efficiency, optimization of the system, improved the efficiency of the system as a whole and balanced.

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