The method to control noise of ball mill

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The method to control noise of ball mill

  • 1. noise transmission path to control the noise: mainly is the development of good sound insulation effect of the fixed soundproof cover or assembled sound insulation cover.

    2. reducing the noise of the ball mill sound sources: from a sound source to reduce the noise of the ball mill method a lot of, but can be adapted to dry high temperature thermal power plant ball mill control method is: the cylinder for damping sound insulation treatment, on the inner wall of the cylinder liners and laid between the elastic buffer, using floating liner technology;

    3, the development trend of noise control of ball mill:In the ball mill noise control noise is transmitted across the field of noise control in an important and indispensable component, but the measure failed to relate to a noise source transformation, therefore cannot be considered a positive measure.Sometimes to the operation and maintenance of the equipment maintenance inconvenience.Noise control of ball mill is the most direct, the most effective, the most economic measure to reduce the sound source sound: "from the sound source control noise".So directly reduce noise source noise, is the development trend of the research on noise control of ball mill.

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