Tips of ball mill maintenance

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Tips of ball mill maintenance

  • The ball mill maintenance has been the masses of customers in using a process is one of the problems of headache, how to effectively solve the ball mill in use process to the problems, and the resulting loss of decreases shutdown, increase the use benefit, is pressing concern of the customers. Zoneding machine in the long ball mill production practice, has accumulated rich experience in the ball mill of maintenance, for the general customers to solve the problems in the use of ball mill.

    1. two bearing base processing surface in the same horizontal plane, the center distance allow 1 mm difference, longitudinal center line not parallel to 0.5 mm deviation, across the centerline deviation 0.5 mm per meter.

    2. tile a spherical surface evenly have horns; Every 50 x7 was not less than 50 in 1, 2 point; Hollow shaft and tile interface should be 90 °, 100 ° every square inch of not less than 2 points, shaft neck and bearing clearance approximate the same on both sides.

    3.  ball mill barrel flange to the front cover of the surface should guarantee with good contacts, not add gaskets, two hollow shaft don't allow the coaxial tolerance of less than 0.8 mm difference. Big tooth circle and the cylinder cover in connection assembly correction, should be strong thrust, superior location pins, the circle of radial run-out not more than 0.5 mm, axial runout not greater than 0.84 mm.

    4.  ball mill lining board when installation should be installed by first cover, cylinder liner should start with population, according to the assembly requirements, the screws to even the tight, shall not be leaking. Rubber lining board with may not have crack, there are gaps in relation to sponge.

    5. small gear with the centerline of the centerline big gear to parallel, the deviation is no more than 0.2 mm per meter. The tip clearance tooth 1/4 modulus, tooth side clearance 1.06-1.8 mm, ball mill tooth surface contact area of not less than 50% long teeth, tooth high 40%

    6. deceleration machine, motor and transmission shaft transmission shaft coupling should maintain high coaxial sex, not the centerline of the coaxial tolerance is not more than 0.3 mm, center line gradient is less than 1/1000.

    The maintenance of ball mill, need professional personnel to operate, so for ball mill workers operation special training, is the customer in the production practice of the urgent need to address. Zoneding Machine in ball mill products sale process, not only provides the ball mill, and free installation, training and service.

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