Structural Feature Of SF Flotation Machine

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Structural Feature Of SF Flotation Machine

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    Product Introduction
    SF Flotation Machine is a new type of flotation equipment that has the double function of absorbing slurry and self-sucked air. It uses the backward double-blade curved novel impeller. The structure is reasonable, operation is reliable, and the performance of this flotation machine superior other flotation machine that has the slurry absorbing function. This series of flotation machine is suitable for sorting not only colored black metal, but also non-metallic such as coal, fluorspar, talc sorting. It can be used to separate non-ferrous metal, ferrous metal, noble metal, non-metallic mine, chemical material. It can be used in roughing, scavenging, selection or reverse flotation. In the flotation process, after being mixed with drug, some qualified mineral attaches on bubble, floats on the surface of slurry and is scraped out, other mineral still stays in the slurry, so the separating purpose is finished.
    Structural Feature
    This machine is mainly composed of motor, upper and lower pump, cell, stator, rotor, mineral supply box, flashboard box, scraping plate, etc. The pump part is mainly composed of upper pump, lower pump, pulley, upper cover, lower cover, upper oil retaining ring, lower oil retaining ring, etc.
    Wearing Parts

    Bearing, Stator, Rotator ,Mainshaft V-belt and Scrapper V-belt.

    Pictures of SF Flotation machine



    SF series Mineral Separator



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