Installation and cautions of Shaking table

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Installation and cautions



1) On the basis of drawing, reserved anchor screw holes or pouring good foundation plate, drilling, hole

 expansion, the construction of concrete foundation.

2) The shaker frame placed on the basis, make each place, calibration and pad frame beam level.

3) The Department of anchor screws tightening, the cradle is fixed on the basis of.

4) Mounted on the drag device, table surface, table side and table and the table surface connecting rod, attention

should be to the front to table side flywheel.

5) Connect the switch of the motor insurance, check whether the motor leakage, and then good motor wire.

6) The table surface is not strong beat, collision; not in high temperature and heavy pressure; avoid oil

pollution and sun and rain, prevent degeneration.

7) After the installation, a detailed examination, the confirmation, removal of equipment and surrounding


8) Roller with 10-20 G oil, not to splash as well. The seat sliding rack injection oil to drown the sliding

bearing and the lower bearing contact fit; lever type rocking frame bearing has been manufactured with good

lithium grease.

9)Put the washing water air machine test machine operation, observation and examination: starting and operation, the moving parts are not loose fever or unusual sounds.Empty test machine to normal, can load test machine, according to the selected minerals, inspection and adjustment of the stroke, stroke, springs, table longitudinal slope and transverse slope so as to achieve the optimal separation effect. After normal cleaning, it can be put into production.

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