Shaking table Table operation point has the following several aspects

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Shaking table Table operation point has the following several aspects:

(1) the appropriate stroke and speed. Stroke and speed of good value mainly associated with the selected material particle size, the second is associated with shaking bed load and mineral density. When dealing with big particle size, bed layer of thick material, with large stroke and speed; When dealing with fine sand and slime is the opposite, should use small stroke and use time. When the bed surface load increases or the larger density of the material selection, appropriate USES large stroke and speed. Stroke length and the appropriate value to carefully check to determine in practice.

(2) suitable for the Table transverse slope. Transverse slope increased, enhanced particles falling, improved the tailings discharge rate, but narrow selection area zoning. Generally dealing with coarse grained materials, transverse slope thrown; Dealing with fine grained materials, transverse slope should be smaller. For example, coarse sand, fine sand and slime shaking the bed transverse slope Angle adjustment range, respectively: 2.5 ° ~ 4.5 ° and 1.5 ° ~ 1 ° and 3.5 ° ~ 2 °. Also, shaking the bed transverse slope and to match the size of transverse flow, is good separating effect.

(3) the washing water to the appropriate size. Rinse water consists of a feed water and washing water, wash water to uniformly distributed on the surface of the bed, the size is appropriate. Rinse water concentrate grade is increased, but lower recovery rate. Generally dealing with coarse grained material or selection, irrigation water to be larger.

(4) feed appropriate amount and evenly. Related to ore size and selected particle size, particle size, the more coarse, feed quantity should be greater. For a particular material, the utilization rate of feed amount should be controlled in bed surface large, obvious zonation, tailings grade within the scope of the permit. Large amount of feed, recovery rate will drop significantly. Once get, in addition, the feed amount shall be continuous uniform, or zoning would be unstable, cause choose don't index volatility.

(5) the feed mass fraction is appropriate. General feed quality score ranges between 15% ~ 30%, coarse grained material can thin some, fine mud is strong. Most of the water in the feed along the transverse flow of tailings and fine mud being washed away easily, resulting in the loss of fine metal minerals.

(6) material in the preparation. Table selected particle size up to 2 ~ 3 mm, lower limit of 0.037 mm. Due to the granularity effect on seeding index is larger, so named sorted prior to deal with. If the material contains a lot of fine slime, not only difficult to recycle, and because of pulp viscosity increases, heavy mineral deposition slow, resulting in the loss of heavy mineral. At this point, should carry on the preliminary desliming.

(7) material in the Table surface zoning and interception of the product. In operating conditions when appropriate, the material on the shaking table zoning are obvious, and products are in accordance with the requirements of separation index to intercept, can be divided into 2 ~ 4 kinds of products. Middling to be reprocessing in general. When the operating conditions change, zoning changes, the location of access must be accordingly adjusted, then can guarantee the selecting indexes are stable. Table operator to hold position, therefore, closely monitored zoning, at any time to make the necessary adjustments.

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