Jiangxi Hengchang 6-S Shaking table

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Jiangxi Hengchang 6-S Shaking table:



The 6-S shaking table is one of the main equipment of gravity concentration, it is widely used in separating gold, tungsten, tin, tantalum, niobium and other rare metals and precious metal ore. Can be used for roughing, concentration, scavenging different operations, separating coarse sand (2-0.5mm), fine sand (0.5-0.074mm), slime (- 0.074mm) of different grain grade. It can also be used to separate iron, manganese ore and coal. When processing tungsten, tin ore, the table effective recycling particle size range for the 2-0.22 mm.



The shaking table is in the beneficiation process is complex a tilt table plane, ore particle swarm from the table surface angle to the trough into, at the same time by lateral flushing water supply to the water tank, and the mineral particles in gravity, lateral flow momentum, table reciprocating asymmetric motion produced by the inertia and friction effects next, according to the proportion and hierarchical granularity, and along the table surface for longitudinal movement along the inclined table surface and transverse motion. Therefore, specific gravity and particle size of different mineral particles along the direction of movement of the respective gradually by the A side to side B fan-shaped shed, concentrate and tailings from the end side of the discharging end is divided into different, concentrate, middling and tailings.


6-S has a double high rich ore ratio, high separation efficiency, safeguards easily, convenient for adjusting the stroke. In change cross fall and stroke is still maintain the surface of table movement balance, the spring is placed in the box body, compact structure, and can in turn draw final concentrate and tailings.



1According to the different position of ore, shaker can be divided into right and left type cradle type cradle two forms. The right type cradle for the ore location for the rocking mechanism is on the right side, left type cradle to mine is located in the left.

26-S shaker can be divided into fixed shaking tablesmall channel bar shaking table, big channel steel shaking table.

3According to the concentration particle size, divided into coarse sand table, sand table and slime table.



This table is mainly composed of a table head, motor, adjustable slope, the table surface, mine shafts, sink, and reflex and lubrication system of eight components.

The surface of table longitudinal reciprocating motion through a crank connecting rod type driving mechanism to realize. The electric motor through the belt drive to make the big belt wheel drives the crankshaft to rotate, the rocker made subsequently moves up and down, rocker downwards, elbow board drive rear axle and the reciprocating rod moves backwards, the spring being compressed. The table surface is through linkage seat and a reciprocating lever connected, so this is also so the table surface for backward movement, when the rocker upward movement, due to the tension spring drive, the table surface will move forward.  

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