Researching for how to prolong the service life of the hammers

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Researching for how to prolong the service life of the hammers:

Mainly discuss about the hammer wear resistance increase, prolong service life. Determine whether a service life of the plate hammer, has the following several factors to assess:

1. The work is reliable. In impact process, the plate hammer and material is allowed to fly away from the rotor plate hammer, or due to the plate hammer fastening bad, cause other mechanical failure, so the fixed plate hammer is a problem worthy of attention. Otherwise, with no "life".

2. Will it be convenient for loading and unloading plate hammer, especially the phenomenon of reproduction, in work after period of time, each part of the machine will not according to the ideal status, such as eccentric and partial wear, etc., need to adjust in a timely manner. Can rapid loading and unloading is a very important indicator.

3. The board hammer metal utilization is reasonable. For wear plate hammer is inevitable, a weight plate hammer, make its cannot make use of the quality of the smallest, namely, the shape of the plate hammer and how to choose as the best space size is an issue worth considering.

4. Reduce unnecessary wear and tear, in order to improve the service life of the plate hammer, to make full use of the energy of the rotor, increase crushing ratio, you have to research the biggest crushing force, but also has great theoretical value.

5. The plate hammer in a timely manner to adjust is critical. Crusher in the using operation instability, vibration is big, the main reason is that, after wear plate hammer, destroy the balance of, not to use scientific methods to adjust.

6. Plate hammer material, is to address the hammer head wear resistance, service life of the core factors. Today is widely applied and has stood the test of practice. Such as the modification of high manganese steel hammer and hammer, the carbon in the alloy steel hammer.

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