Influence of Oxide mineral its flotability

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Influence of Oxide mineral its flotability:

In store, transportation, crushing, flotation process is oxidation by air. Mineral oxidation has important influence on flotation, especially on metal sulfide ore, the effect is more significant. Research and practice show that, for some sulfide ore, within limits, mineral surface mild oxidation, mineral flotability will get better. But excessive oxidation, decreased flotability. In galena, for example, through the experiment proved that the fresh pure galena (i.e., not by oxidation) surface is hydrophilic, and the yellow medicine role ability is very weak, but its surface after the initial oxidation, and the yellow medicine role, become easy to float, but if excessive oxidation, flotability instead will decline. Like besides galena, pyrite, and copper, zinc, nickel sulfide mineral flotability are influenced by its surface degree of oxidation.

In order to control mineral flotability oxidation degree to mediation, the measures have the following:

(1) stirring pulp and flotation time adjustment. Practice has proved that the strength of the gas mixing and the length of time, is an important factor to control the mineral surface oxidation. Short-term suitable amount of aeration, good for general sulphide ore flotation. But too much air for a long time, can make some sulfide ore, such as pyrite, pyrrhotite flotability of decline.

(2) to adjust your pulp tank and flotation machine.

(3) to adjust the pH value of slurry. In different pH value range, mineral oxidation rate is different, so to adjust slurry pH value can be adjusted by the degree of oxidation.

(4) oxidizing agent (such as potassium permanganate, manganese dioxide, hydrogen peroxide) or reductant (such as S02) promote or inhibit the mineral surface oxidation.

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