Attached form of flotation reagent on mineral surfaces

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Attached form of flotation reagent on mineral surfaces:

Many of the flotation reagents are acting on the mineral surface adsorption of the way. Flotation reagent on mineral surface adsorption form has the following several kinds:

(1) molecular adsorption, that is, agents in the form of molecules adsorbed on mineral surfaces. Mineral (such as neutral oil in nonpolar graphite, molybdenite, etc.) on the surface of the adsorption, adsorption on the surface of the double yellow medicine in sulfide ore, some foaming agent (such as pine oil alcohol, aliphatic alcohol, etc.) in the gas liquid interface adsorption.

(2) ion adsorption, that is, agents in the form of ion adsorption on mineral surfaces. Such as xanthate adsorption in the surface of galena, carboxylic acid collector in fluorite, scheelite surface adsorption.

(3) ion exchange adsorption, refers to some kind of ion in the solution with another the same charge on the mineral surface symbols of equivalent exchange of ions on mineral surface adsorption. For example, when using Cu2 + activated sphalerite, adsorbed on the surface of sphalerite from the Cu2 + solution, exchange and Zn2 + on the surface of the sphalerite was dissolved into the solution.

(4) electrical adsorption, adsorption by electrostatic force. Such as dodecyl sulfate adsorption in the surface of goethite, twelve amine adsorption on the surface of the quartz.

(5) a micelle adsorption. For collecting agent long hydrocarbon chain, when the mass fraction in solution is higher, after their molecules or ions on mineral surface adsorption, in under the action of van der Waals force, nonpolar base will be associated with each other, this is called half micelle adsorption. Twelve amine when mass fraction is higher, for example, half a micelle adsorption can be formed on the surface of quartz.

In some cases, the formation of half micelle adsorption good for flotation. Half formed by the collector in the mineral surface micelles of hydrophobicity than a single collector ions, or molecules generated strong hydrophobicity. But at the moment, such as additional mass fraction collector, minerals could form a multilayer adsorption of collector, it makes the surface hydrophobicity decreased, lower recovery rate.

(6) adsorption characteristics. Mineral surface have a special affinity for some components in the solution, and adsorption. This adsorption can be not affected by mineral surface electrical charged ions can also rely on characteristic adsorption in charge with symbols of mineral surface.

Take advantage of the characteristics of adsorption, can be generated for some agents in some mineral surface adsorption. At pH = 6, for example, because of the corundum surface is positively charged (corundum zero isoelectric point is pH = 9.1), cannot use cation amine collector for collecting. But through adsorption characteristic adsorption on the surface of corundum SO4-2 after the can by positive change for the negatively charged surface, cation amine collector can be used to collecting.

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