Solid-liquid separation and washing of ore slurry from Mine site ore dressing plant

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Solid-liquid separation and washing of ore slurry from Mine site ore dressing plant:

In chemical beneficiation process, to ensure that the required during the leaching pulp quality score, usually has concentrated the homework before leaching, leaching pulp and chemical precipitation after the slurry must be solid phase and liquid phase for separation, to meet the demand of the follow-up work. We will be the solid liquid two phase separation process are collectively referred to as solid-liquid separation.
The solid-liquid separation of the selected, not only requires separate solid and liquid, and due to the separation of solid phase (filter cake or underflow) often placing quite a number of solutions, and this part of the solution properties and feed pulp fluid properties in exactly the same, in order to improve the quality of metal recovery or solid products, also deal with solid part for a thorough cleaning.

Based on the impetus of different solid-liquid separation process, solid-liquid separation can be divided into three categories:
(1) the gravity settling method. Solid particles under the action of gravity sedimentation, the solid phase and liquid phase asked the density of the errand stratification, finally liquid at the top of the overflow from the device, the dense phase from the bottom of the discharge. Commonly used devices have a settling basin, a variety of thickener, fluidization and grading machine, etc. Settling basin for intermittent operation, the rest are continuous operation equipment. Fluidization and classifier was thin slurry, for subsequent processing and settling basin and thickener are clarified liquid can be obtained. These equipment can complete the solid-liquid separation and washing can be used for solid phase.
(2) filtering method. This is using the pressure difference on both sides of the filter medium for solid-liquid separation process. Commonly used equipment for various types of vacuum filter and filter press. Solid-liquid separation can be obtained using the law to clarify with high degrees of clear liquid. When catharsis, filter cake can be mixing, filtering. In recent years, domestic production using automatic plate and frame filter press, as well as South Africa's successful development belt type filter, continuous filtration and washing.
(3) centrifugal separation process. It is by means of centrifugal force role, make the solid particle sedimentation or filtration, hydrocyclone of commonly used equipment, machine and centrifugal sedimentation centrifugal filter.
Selected to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation and washing, often for many times. When washing operation is recycling solid waste solution, generally USES the cross-flow cleaning process (that is, every time give fresh detergent), in order to improve the washing efficiency; If left for recycling solution to solid, usually adopt backwashing process (by washing with detergent material running in the opposite direction) to ensure the washing of high rate and the lotion in the component content had a higher purpose.

The pulp are general corrosive materials, so equipment corrosion are required. When the medium is neutral or alkaline, carbon steel and the concrete production are available, and acid medium, require the use of corrosion resistant material or anticorrosive processing, often can choose stainless steel, rubber lining, lining plastic, epoxy glass fiber reinforced plastic, ceramics and diabase.

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