Where there is iron ore in China?

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Iron ore resources in China has two characteristics: one is more lean ore, the lean ore reserves accounted for 80% of total reserves; Secondly, more elements more symbiotic composite ore. Moreover complex ore bodies; Some lean iron ore bed upside for hematite, lower to magnetite. So where have iron ore in China? We take a good look at each of the five content.

(1) where there is iron ore mining China business network in northeast China expert says iron ore is mainly the northeast of anshan mine area, it is one of the largest mining production at present, China's reserves, large ore body are mainly distributed in liaoning province saddle mount (including large arc, cherry, anshan, bow fault, etc.), benxi (male Finn, a little mountain, far fort, etc.), part of the deposit distribution in jilin province near the phone. Anshan mine area is a major raw material base of anshan iron and steel, benxi steel.

Iron ore in northeast China where many questions now everyone see, next we from the main characteristics of anshan iron ore mining area in detail. The main characteristic of anshan mining iron ore:
1) in addition to the few rich ore, accounted for about 98% of the reserves for lean ore, iron content of 20-40%, average 30%. Must go through separation processing, iron content can reach more than 60% after selection.
2) give priority to with magnetite and hematite ore mineral, part of martite and half martite. Its structure is hard, dense distribution of gangue is compact and uniform, processing is more difficult, reducing poor ore.
3) most of gangue mineral is composed of quartz, SiO2 in 40-50%. But pass away fort iron ore for autolyzed, benxi the alkalinity (Ca + Mg/SiO2) in 1 above. And 1.29 7.5% manganese content can be used instead of manganese ore.
4) ore containing S, P, very few impurities, male Finn benxi iron ore containing P is very low, is smelting high quality pig iron good raw materials.

(2) more iron ore in north China? Iron ore are mainly distributed in hebei xuanhua, qianan and wuan, handan, xingtai region around the mine village region and Inner Mongolia and shanxi, etc. Shougang, baotou, taiyuan and handan, xuanhua, yangquan steel raw material base, etc.
Move for anshan type lean magnetite ore mining area of the luanhe river, containing acidic gangue, S, P, less impurity, ore optional sex is good. Xing mining area is mainly hematite and magnetite, iron content between 40% to 55%, ore gangue containing alkaline oxides, some ore S high.

(3) the central south region where there is iron ore? Mineral business network experts point out that the iron ore in central iron ore in hubei daye iron mine is given priority to, other such as hunan xiangtan, henan anyang, wuyang, jiangxi and guangdong province of hainan island and other places have a sizable reserves, these mining area as wuhan iron and steel and the region's large and medium-sized blast furnace's raw materials supply base. Daye mining area is one of the earliest mining in mining in our country, mainly including iron mountain, jinshan store, into mine, such as tide, spirit township reserves are abundant. GongShengKuang copper mainly iron ore, iron ore are mainly magnetite, the second is hematite, other and chalcopyrite and pyrite, etc. Iron ore 40-50%, the highest up to 54-60%. Gangue minerals such as calcite, quartz, gangue contains SiO28 % or so, has the certain solvent (CaO/SiO2 is 0.3 or so), low ore containing P, (usually 0.027%), containing S high and volatile (0.01 1.2%), and containing Cu (0.2 1.0%) and Co (0.013% 0.025%) and contains color metal. Reducing poor ore, ore after sintering, pellet made piece into the blast furnace smelting.

(4) then we might as well take a look at the east China area where there is iron ore. Iron ore iron ore production in east China mainly from anhui wuhu to jiangsu in nanjing area of aoshan, nan shan, gu mountain, peach, meishan, phoenix mountain mines, etc. In addition to places such as shandong Jin Ling town also has the quite rich iron ore resources storage, maanshan iron and steel company and other raw materials supply base for iron and steel enterprises. Called ning is mainly hematite iron ore mining area, the second is magnetite, also have part of sulfide minerals such as pyrite and chalcopyrite. Iron ore grade is high, part of the rich ore (including Fe50 % - 60%) can directly charging smelting, part of the selection to the lean ore dressing, sintering after building blocks for the use of blast furnace. Ore reductibility better. Gangue minerals such as quartz, calcite, apatite and rutile, containing S, P in the ore impurities is higher (including P is commonly 0.5%, highest can amount to 1.6%, meishan iron ore containing S average is 2% - 2%), then that there is a certain amount of solvent (such as average alkalinity in aoshan and meishan bonanza up to 0.7-0.9), part of the ore containing V and Ti and non-ferrous metals such as Cu.

(5) other areas apart from the above regions and iron ore, iron ore in the southwest and northwest areas of China provinces, such as sichuan, yunnan, guizhou, gansu, ningxia, xinjiang and other places have plenty of different types of iron ore resources, respectively, Queensland, panzhihua, chongqing iron and steel and other large and medium-sized steel blast furnace production of raw materials base.

In a word, both aiming at the problem of China where there are iron ore and iron ore, where many questions from the above content we can clearly understand know northeast, north, south, east China and other regions of the different types of iron ore resources, it help to mining investors is more big, also can bring more economic benefits?

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