Basic features of mineral resources in China

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China's mineral resources can be summarized as: mineral range, gross is big, but average per capita ore serious insufficient; lean ore, ore less, small mine is much, much less a single integrated mine, mine; resources are widely distributed, but reserves the highly uneven geographic distribution

Our country has proven reserves of 155 kinds of minerals, of which 8 kinds of energy minerals, metal mineral products 54 kinds, 90 kinds of non-metallic mineral, hydrosphere mineral products 3 kinds.

Resource of our country mineral products are the main characteristics: rich total, but the amount per capita is insufficient; pillar minerals (such as petroleum, natural gas, iron - rich ore reserves shortage), part of little dose of mineral reserves is more; small and medium-sized deposit, large and giant deposit less, prop mineral ore and mineral processing more difficult, rich little, exploitation difficulty is very great; resource distribution and productivity layout does not match.

Our country has proven mineral resources accounted for about 12% of the world, second only to the United States and Russia, house world the third, but the amount per capita is low, only 58% of the world average, ranking fifty-third in the world.

The bulk of the pillar of mineral in the world position of on the low side, another some of little dose of mineral has stronger competition ability.

China's petroleum, natural gas, uranium, iron, manganese, chromium, copper, bauxite, gold, silver, sulfur, potassium and other reserves occupy world gross is relatively low, and the tungsten, tin, antimony, molybdenum, rare earth, fluorite, barite and other mineral reserves occupy world front row.

China rare earth, tungsten, tin, molybdenum, niobium, magnesite, fluorite, barite, bentonite clay, graphite, talc, Glauber's salt, gypsum, not only proved reserves considerable, per capita occupies world front row, and resource development and utilization of high quality, good condition, in the international market has obvious advantages.But the relationship to the beneficial to the people's livelihood of the larger amount of important minerals, such as iron, manganese, aluminum, copper, lead, zinc, sulfur, phosphorus, or lean ore or mineral processing more difficult, the development and utilization conditions of poor.

Wide distribution, the relative concentration of.Oil is mainly distributed in Northeast, North and northwest; coal is mainly distributed in the northwest and North China; iron concentration in the northeast, North and southwest; copper in the middle lower reaches of the Yangtze River is the most important; P mainly distributed in the southwest and Central South region; tungsten, tin, antimony and other advantages of resources are mainly distributed in Hunan, Jiangxi,,, Yunnan Province (area).Some have not yet developed the use of large, super large mining area, mainly in the remote western region.

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