Type of " A" Flotation machine

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 Type of " A" Flotation machine

Type A pulp aeration and agitation flotation machine is composed of the impeller and stator mechanical stirring device, belongs to the external self-priming type flotation machine, are generally the upper gas suction, namely mechanical stirring device at the bottom of the flotation tank near the suction air. According to the type of mechanical device, this type of flotation machine can be divided into different types, such as XJ, XJQ, SF type, etc. The advantage of this type of flotation machine is: can the suction air and pulp, complete return of middlings was easy to implement and less auxiliary equipment, equipment configuration, simple operation and maintenance, etc. The machine is suitable for non-ferrous metal black don't choose, can also be used for nonmetal such as coal, fluorite, talc, choose don't. The machine driven by a motor to drive triangle generation impeller rotation, produce centrifugal effect to form negative pressure on the one hand, to inhale sufficient air mixed with pulp, on the one hand, mixing slurry mixed with drugs and refining bubble at the same time, the use of fossil adhesive foam, float to the pulp in form the mineralized froth. Adjusting the damper height, control the liquid level, making useful foam by scraper scrape.

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