Introduced the classification of ore dressing process

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Shaker belongs to flow membrane dressing equipment, from plane chute and, later in its asymmetrical reciprocating motion characteristics and become a system oneself.All table by the bed fennel, frame and the drive mechanism three parts, a bed surface in the transverse trapezoidal or rhombic, 1.5.Tilt tilt, in the above configuration to the ore and water supply grooves, the bed surface is arranged longitudinally along the bed, its highly autobiographical movable end to contralateral lower.The bed surface is supported by a machine frame, the bed surface is arranged on one end of transmission device, which can make the bed surface near the distal end when the forward with quick return motion characteristics, the so-called differential movement.

     The table is the separation fine ore of commonly used equipment, processing metal ore effective tick size range is 3 ~ O.019 mm, coal particle size up to 10 mm when the cap.The table highlights the advantages of separation with high accuracy, by a sorting can get high-grade ore or waste tailings, and is simultaneously connected with a plurality of products.Plane table safeguards easily, convenient regulation.The main disadvantage is the equipment occupies large area, plant area of low processing power unit.

     The table used for nearly 100 years, initially, the cradle is the use of impact caused by the bed surface asymmetry reciprocating motion, 1890 made for coal preparation.Ore dressing table is 1896--1898 by the A. will Foley (Wilfley) made by an eccentric, elbow plate mechanism.1918 Plante O'Hare (Plat - O) with the cam lever into another kind of transmission mechanism.The two cradle head improved structure which is still in use today.After the Second World War, Germany made the eccentric drive fast table.In 1964 China successfully developed inertial spring type cradle, has been applied in production.

     In order to solve the problem of big occupation area table.Bed for a multi-layer and centrifugal direction of development.50 time our country that is made of double-layer bed, table four layer and six layer slimer, but because the bed surface inertial force balance has not been subject to extensive, the former Soviet Union have developed a dual layer three table.England in the 60's with glass fiber reinforced plastic to make the bed surface layer and three layer made of table, each bed has a separate transmission mechanism.West Germany in order to solve coal preparation plant processing capacity requirements, construction of the multilayer configuration of the tower.These multilayer structures still follow the original table is installed, can set up a large number of on to the floor.

     In 1957 the United States first developed a more eccentric inertia gear head, then made into suspension type shaker, shaker structure is a significant innovation of.In 1975, China also made of this table, and has been applied in the production.

     Centrifugal table is the bed surface made of a plurality of arcuate, bed Wai into a cylinder, axially slit, in vibration and rotary motion by centrifugal force strengthening separation process.In the industrial test achieved good separation effect, but because of the complex structure without extension.

     Our country introduced in 1913 Granville type cradle, there are a large number of shaker for separating tungsten, tin, tantalum and niobium, gold ore, only cloud stannum company alone application of table 1784 (1986), the production of goods accounted for about 86% of the total tin concentrate.Abroad is more with the table preparation (out of iron sulfide), but in our country coal preparation plant application is not much, table 11.5.1 lists the our country application table types.

The classification of ore dressing table

     The table type mainly by the bed, the bed surface, a supporting mechanism and adjustable slope device combination case..In addition, but also by other structures, different application classification.

According to the bed surface is configured with left and right type of.Stand at the head of the bed at the bed, give mine groove on the left side is the left type cradle, on the right is the right type cradle;
According to the installation mode is located and hanging points,
According to the bed surface layer has a single layer and multilayer cradle of shaker,
According to different raw materials have for ore dressing and preparation for the shaker shaker,

 According to the ore particle size of ore (2 ~ 0.2 mm) table and clay (O.2 mm) table of.Sand table can be further divided into coarse (2-0.5 mm).

Shaker and fine sand (O.5.-0.2 mm) shaker.

   The bed surface is the sorting work surface.Shape of a trapezoid, rhombus, our country almost all adopt trapezoidal bed surface, the advantage of easy configuration.Ladder bed surface triangles without ore belt cutting, received lower tailings side formed rhombus bed, can effectively utilize the separating surface and extend the separation time, coal shaker is used more and more abroad.

    All of the bed surface are respectively provided with bed, bed to and parallel to the direction of transmission.But there are also the 'middle section arranged to slant, corrugated bed.In the inclined strip area light mineral easy to discharge, which is helpful to improve the equipment processing capacity and increase the recovery rate of metal.

  The bed surface manufacturing materials are wood, fiberglass (glass fiber reinforced polyester resin) and aluminum alloy.The wooden structure of the bed surface to paved with rubber, nailed to wooden bed or bonded plastic rubber bed.Cloud stannum company bed surface is coated with lacquer (raw lacquer and calcined plaster mixture), and later switched to polyurethane rubber coating.The lignin surface of bed manufacturing long construction period and is easy to deform and damage.

    In recent years has been the promotion of glass steel bed.The bed surface is steel frame with glass fiber reinforced plastic composite structure, the work surface is coated with corundum resin wear layer.Bed can be directly on the bed surface shape, light weight (300--350 kg), low cost, short manufacturing cycle are its advantages, its service life is expected to be in 10 years.Aluminum alloy bed light weight, smooth surface, no deformation and long service life, but the high cost.China's only half industrial equipment (feeding end width x discharging end width x Length =1050 X 800 x 2100 mm) on the use of.

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