The operation of shaking table

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Shaker operation has the following several aspects:


(1) suitable stroke and stroke.Stroke and stroke of the appropriate values of the main and the selected material granularity, followed by bed load and mineral density.When dealing with large size, bed layer thickness of material, with large stroke and stroke; treatment of fine sand and clay, on the contrary, should be a small stroke and big time.When the bed load increases or the larger density of material selection, should adopt the large stroke and stroke.Stroke, the appropriate value in practice, carefully to determine.
(2) the bed surface transverse slope.Increase the transverse slope, mineral particles falling action to increase, improve the tailing discharge speed, but featured area zoning.General treatment of coarse material, cross slope should be greater; processing fine materials, cross slope should be smaller.For example, coarse sand, fine sand and slimer cross slope angle adjustment range respectively: 2.5 ° ~ 4.5 °, 1.5 ° ~ 3.5 ° and 1 ° ~ 2 °.In addition, shaker transverse slope and transverse flow is matched with the size, makes a good separation effect.

   (3) the rinse water to proper size.Flushing water includes a mineral water and washing water in two parts, the rinse water on the bed surface should be uniform distribution, size should be appropriate.Flushing water concentrate grade increased, but the recovery rate.General treatment of coarse material or featured, rinse water to the more.

(4) the ore feeding appropriate and uniform.Volume of ore size and selected particle size, particle size of coarse, feed should be bigger.For specific materials, feed rate should be controlled in the bed utilization rate, zoning obvious, tailing grade within the scope of the permit.The feed amount is too large, the recovery rate would drop dramatically.In addition, feed upon finding must maintain a continuous, uniform, or zoning will instability, caused the separating index fluctuation.
(5) for ore quality scores for.General to the ore quality scores in the range of 15% ~ 30%, coarse material can be thin, fine mud to thicken.For mine water in tailings belt along transverse flow, mud easily washed away, causing the loss of metal mineral.
(6) in a selected material preparation.Shaker selected size limit of 2 ~ 3mm, int 0.037mm.Because of size on flotation indexes the impact is bigger, so the top answer material classification.If the material contains a large number of fine slime, not only difficult to recycle, and because of pulp viscosity increase, heavy mineral deposition caused by slow, heavy mineral loss.At this time, should undertake preliminary desliming.

   (7) the material on the bed surface band and product interception.In the operation of the appropriate condition, material in the shaker zonation is obvious, and the product is in accordance with the requirements of separation indexes to intercept, can be divided into 2 ~ 4 products.Middling to be treated again.When the operation condition changes, zoning situation will change, at the access position also must undertake corresponding adjustment, in order to guarantee the stability of dressing index.Therefore, study personnel should stick to their posts, close surveillance zone, at any time to make the necessary adjustments.

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