Our company's new ore crushing and grinding machinery

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    Our company produces rod grinding and sanding machine, is the company created a new ore crushing and grinding machinery.The apparatus and equipment of the old type, has the following advantages:
A: save power -- comparison of the old equipment to save power more than 40%.
Two: the use of advanced controllable import and rod mill technology, combined with the actual users of the abrasive material with suitable grinding body, changed the traditional ball mill surface contact line contact, so that the rod mill for sand discharging granularity is more uniform, high output, applicable to different hardness (Mohs hardness 5.5~12) ore.
Three: the material fineness adjustable -- through the simple adjustment can change the discharging granularity, built-in fineness control device, discharge and screening device, two checks, ensure that neither had a mill and make no unqualified products into the finished product.
Four: rod grinding machine is dry and wet two types are available, the user can according to their own actual conditions to be selected.On the processing of quartz sand, dolomite, monazite product, mill can be equipped with magnetic separator after iron removal.
My company produces sand making machine has the advantages of good quality, and reasonable price, welcome to visit our factory.

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