Energy saving in Cement industry

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Saving energy, saving is the fine tradition of our country, energy saving is to improve efficiency in the industry, need to do this, including energy saving cement also has a new breakthrough,
1. rotary drier (dryer model vertical dryer, cement drying machine, vertical dryer).The machine is composed of an external combustion furnace, drying machine and environmental protection equipment composition, the host is composed of a certain inclination of rotary drum and the mechanical rotary part.Its working principle is: the rotary part drives the rotary cylinder to rotate, barrel lifter will be required for drying material from falling.From the combustion furnace to produce heat, through the dryer into environmental protection equipment, through the dryer process will be dropped material drying, falling material has certain angle, resulting in a large number of wind tunnel, so much energy in the absence of heat exchange condition, is discharged into the atmosphere, by using a large amount of hot air filter material.External combustion furnace and a drying cylinder also continued to heat, the heat utilization rate of only about 40%.Because in the unit time required for heating and heat supply do not match, the drying quality is unable to control.The device has the advantages of strong adaptability;: the shortcoming is: large investment, high coal consumption, high power consumption, large area, the drying quality is unable to control.
2. old vertical dryer (drier model vertical dryer, cement drying machine, vertical dryer).The machine is composed of an external combustion furnace, vertical drying machine and environmental protection equipment composition, vertical dryer with internal masonry firebrick, abdominal multiple collection hopper and slipping pot.Its working principle is: the material from the conveying device is fed into the vertical drying machine, by its own gravity through the collection hopper, slipping pot, sinking down.Combustion furnace to produce heat energy, through the vertical drying machine after the heat exchange, the environmental protection equipment discharge.Although the collection hopper and slip basin angle retarding material rate, extend the heat exchange time of the material, but the material in the collection hopper and slip slide is a central discharge basin, formed by the wind tunnel is also in use lots of hot air filtration material, together with the cylinder combustion furnace for heat dissipation, heat energy utilization rate of only about 50% in.The device has the advantages of: covers an area of small, low investment; the disadvantages are: ① high coal consumption, heat energy utilization rate of about 50%; the high power consumption, power consumption is about 4kWh tons of dry material; the adaptability is poor, frequent card feeding, blocking material; ④ heating coal requirements more stringent; the drying quality can not control.
3.ZDLH type automatic vertical dryer (drier model vertical dryer, cement drying machine, vertical dryer).The machine consists of a built-in heating equipment, drying machine, environmental protection equipment and automated control system.Its working principle is: the dryer is preheated by the set value, automatically conveying device starts feeding, depending on the material's own gravity, through distributor, material-separating cone material dispersion distributed in drying machine around, forming an annular material layer, built-in heating equipment heat generation, by a draft fan through the annular traction the wet material layer for heat exchange.
According to the detection system the measured material moisture content, with adjustable damping coefficient and stepless unloading system, switching system, completely solve the vertical drying card, blocking phenomenon, and to reach the standard of discharge of material drying time, through testing will discharge of material from the conveying equipment and added, to ensure the moisture of material layer will be heating equipment produced by heat surrounded, so that all energy must pass through the wet material layer after heat exchange, the dust discharge, continuous detection, circulating complement, continuous production.
(a machine dryer model vertical dryer, cement drying machine, vertical dryer) have the following marked characteristics: ① power: the automatic vertical drying machine is to rely on gravity drop drying, with adjustable damping coefficient, not only effectively control dust, avoid wind tunnel, but also save a lot of power rotary, environmental protection system.
The same yield of ZDLH type dryer and Φ 2.4m × 18m rotary dryer compared per ton of material, can save 15 ~ 20kg (coal), every section of coal 7 tons.③ drying quality.Automatic vertical drying machine is based on the material drying detection system, to control the material stepless unloading system, achieve quality control and production coordination, and can be changed at any time drying requirements, effective control the drying quality, rewriting the history of initial moisture content drying due to instability and influence the drying quality of history.No matter how big the initial moisture of material, after drying to how much is too much, and can be adjusted at any time, to control.④ adaptability.Automatic vertical drying machine used on temperature, humidity automatic control switching system, not only effectively control the drying quality, eliminate the card material, material blocking occurs, but also obviously improve the equipment for a variety of different moisture material adaptability.The environmental emission.Automatic vertical drying machine by using a large amount of material in the filtering hot air, the use of adjustable damping coefficient, completely avoid the wind and dust; the dust collection machines without a separate environmental protection equipment, dust emission standard; change the traditional drying machine of environmental protection equipment of large investment, high operation cost condition.The equipment maintenance.Automatic vertical dryer with heating, detection and control of the entire automation system, make the equipment maintenance coordination capacity and simple; in the normal service condition, equipment from 3 to almost 5 years without repair; it will not only improve the operation rate of equipment, but also reduce the cost of equipment repair.⑦ covers an area of and investment.Automatic vertical drying machine is a vertical type heating and good social benefit, the market prospects are very broad.

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