Integrity system of Hengchang

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One, the integrity of the basic concepts:
"Honesty" is the basic concept of seek truth from facts, is to tell the truth, do good thing, do honest person.Credibility, words will do, in deed, word, as good as gold.Performance in the pay of good faith, in the case of people do not know the expression of good faith, under no constraint of good faith
Good faith, is to face a society, face the public integrity, then it is to face the collective and individuals Shou integrity.
The integrity of the enterprise, reflected in the trust from customers happy; reflected in the long-term partner of the ongoing intent; performance in a wide range of community discussion.
Two, observe good faith progress level.
1, pay attention to the integrity of the starting point of behavior is legal. Reasonable plausible.
In 2, for the society to create real value concept. "The country bear the economic" social responsibility.
In 3, for the contact object, transposition thinking. Think and try our best to meet your expectations and needs.
4, to enable more people to be proud of.
In 5, the first person at until it has no profits, special interest.
Three, observe the integrity of content.
1, management integrity. Stressed the human factor is in the management of the first element, care staff.
2, good faith operation. To the community and business being honest and trustworthy corporate image and behavior, to achieve genuine goods at a fair price, in accordance with their commitment to meet customer requirements, respect for all customers, pursuit of truth, goodness, beauty.
In 3, the operating integrity of specific performance in:
1). The financial sector loan repayment;
2). The supplier account payable payment for raw materials, sampling of the fair, on the purchase price of the fair and reasonable;
3). To provide customers with products and services quality, quantity, delivery to ensure;
4). To quote the price and the term of validity of certain to fulfill the commitments, in strict accordance with the terms of the contract processing; business negotiation and contract for each other's sake, transposition thinking. To meet their expectations and needs.
5). To provide all kinds of rights and interests safeguard fulfil one's promise;
6) to pay tax;
7). To comply with state laws, the national response to the call for national development strong, make contribution;
8). To the requirements of environmental protection and the promise of cash;
4, keep things, his own words, to remember, and strict demands on themselves to cash; this is the "booster".
5, punctuality, set their own time, advance only, cannot push after meeting, interview,; repayment, pay the payment and so on, what time it is, is what time, delay a little, that is not credible.
6, keep the volume, must by pay; don't find excuses, such as "tight", "liquidity", "someone owes me money is still", etc. the reason default each other.
7, quality, promised to other people's things, promised to provide other goods, to ensure the quality of.To serve, not perfunctory, not sloppy, supply of goods, not the card, not adulterated, good is good, bad is bad, to tell the truth, to allow customers to quality and price.

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