Greater efforts to support and resource of reasonable development mineral products

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      This afternoon, the government of the autonomous region and the Western Mining Group Limited company chairman Wang Haitao to a discussion.


Regional vice chairman Dong Mingjun attended and spoke.
Dong Mingjun, Tibet is rich in mineral resources, all levels of various departments should fully understand the rational development of mineral resources of Tibet to Tibet to promote economic and social development is of great significance, increase the concern, support, aggrandizement government service and coordination functions, go to all lengths to support the project development work.Western mining industry in the next step work according to the requirements of the scientific outlook on development, serious summary and analysis of production experience, further improve the planning and design, strengthening internal management, in the process of construction to take the social responsibility of enterprises, give full consideration to the interests of the masses, help farming herdsman is added close become rich, strive to achieve the current and long-term interests of the combination, economic benefits and social benefits of combining, to establish a good social image; to adhere to environmental priority principle, in strict accordance with the national, autonomous regulations and requirements, continue to strengthen environmental protection work; to strengthen the mine production safety, social security, comprehensive management efforts, to social stability for the overall situation, take strict precautions against all kinds of accidents and adverse events the occurrence .

  Dong Mingjun expresses, autonomous region people's government will further improve the economic development environment, provide first-class services, for the mutual cooperation and development to make positive contribution.He hoped that both sides will further strengthen cooperation, achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation, efforts will be in Tibet the resource advantage into economic advantage, drive Tibet economy society to develop better, faster development, greater development.

  On the informal discussion, Wang Haitao line were introduced on the western mining industry development status, future planning and resource development plan in Tibet.Wang Haitao will be in strict accordance with the "eight not to shake" and "top four" principles and objectives of the work, the correct understanding of the problem, sum up experience seriously, strengthen team construction, strengthen enterprise management, to promote the scientific development of mineral resources in Tibet and the scale of the development, realization of sound and rapid development of economic society, the benefit of people of all ethnic groups in Tibet.

Municipal government general office, industry and information technology department, development and Reform Commission, the office of land and resources, environmental protection, water conservancy, work safety supervision bureau of hall of hall of Changdu area and relevant departments responsible comrades attended an informal discussion.


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