Jiangxi Fuliang County may be proved large tungsten deposit

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      November 12th news a few days ago, the reporter from the Jiangxi provincial land and resources department was informed, by the Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of geological prospecting unit 912 bear the "Jiangxi province Zhu Fuliang County Creek copper polymetallic ore pre survey" project, has completed the 3 bore all see industrial orebody.Jiangxi province land and Resources Department said, the results show that the mining area, there may be concealed rock mass, has to find large tungsten polymetallic deposit resource potential.

  The discovery of the ore body in the Late Carboniferous Huanglong Formation of marble and dolomite, stratoid output.According to the test results, see ZK4207 borehole scheelite orebody 15 layer, ore body depending on the thickness of 94 meters, tungsten trioxide an average grade of 0.26% industrial grade, all meet the requirements (0.15-0.20%).The single biggest depending on the thickness of 53.6 meters, an average grade of 0.168% tungsten trioxide.Part of ore body in zinc, copper reached industrial grade zinc ore body, depending on the thickness of 20.46 meters, an average grade of 1.70% copper stereology; thickness of 4 meters, an average grade of 0.57%.

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