Jiangxi Ganzhou: rare earth mine production order improves apparently

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    China Economic Net Ganzhou October 2nd dispatch (reporter Lai Yongfeng) as the main origin of southern ion rare land resources in Jiangxi province Ganzhou City, since this year on the rare earth resources to implement more stringent protection exploitation policy and ecological environmental protection criteria, the 88 cases of mining rights will be integrated into 42 cases, to suspend part of county of rare earth mining, resource temporarily sealed rare earth mine, local production order significantly improved.
    Ganzhou is known as "Rare Earth Kingdom" in the world.In recent years, Ganzhou city to explore a series of norms of rare earth mining policy measures, the integration of resources, core hard rectify mine production order.Especially since this year, in accordance with the relevant national industry policy, Jiangxi Province, Ganzhou city has established a special rare earth rectification work leading group, formulate and implement the "Ganzhou rare earth regulation scheme", make great efforts to strengthen the development of rare land natural resources management.According to the Jiangxi provincial government approved the Ganzhou rare earth mining integration programme, the 88 cases of mining rights will be integrated into 42 cases, at present Ganzhou has completed the mining layout adjustment and planning, the existing resources of 8 counties on the basis of measurable concentration, suspended part of county of rare earth mining, resource temporarily sealed, realization of mineral reserves, mining area design, production quota match.At the same time, in the context of perfect mining industry order, territorial leadership responsibility system, established city, county, township, village four class are superintended the responsibility system, and the conditions in the mining area and mining area of outlet installed electronic surveillance equipment, dynamic monitoring, timely detection and stopping the undocumented prospecting and mining and excessive collects chaos digging behavior.
      In order to effectively curb the illegal mining, Ganzhou adhere to strict implementation of national make known to lower levels of mining production plan for mandatory, and constantly improve the rare earth mining total quantity control system, the implementation of the development of the former mining excavation plan review and ore block use review system, production of raw materials the approval of registration system and drying machine lock system, marketing link inspection and management a series of systems such as the system, make every attempt to control ore production quantity.This year's rare earth mining control indicators have been issued each rare earth mine, at the completion of mining plan, implement the comprehensive production of rare earth mine.
In recent years, Ganzhou city is strengthened ceaselessly and the surrounding southern ion rare earth mining area cooperation, actively involved in the five southern provinces of 15 rare earth mineral development supervision area joint action, jointly established a southern ion rare earth mining of mineral exploration and mining access conditions, mining right identity management approach, wardens, measures for the administration of information reporting illegal activities treatment provisions, mining right person alliance project five joint supervision innovation system, further develop regional linkage mechanism, joint efforts to combat the illegal mining behavior.In the fight against illegal mining operation, the implementation of managed and sales regulation, organize each county (city, area) carried out several joint law enforcement, concentrated rectification action, the city's rare earth mining illegal activities have been effectively curbed, the larger the illegal mining behavior has a full stop.

Vigorously carry out standardization mine construction, aggrandizement of rare earth mining new technology, research and development to promote new technologies.In 2003 a comprehensive ban pool technology, comprehensive 2007 ban heap leaching technology, promotion of in-situ leaching of advanced technology, and continuously improve the mine ecological environment on the basis of, since this year, Ganzhou rare earth mine further implementation of environmental protection, water conservation, safety, mine pipe standards, through the formation of Engineering Company to carry out legal mining, mining land and implementation asset leasing standards and pay taxes Standard Specification for rare earth, as well as the implementation of mine water safety rectification measures, accelerate advance mine standardization construction, vigorously promote the production and supervision of the "ten process", implementation of standardized mining, green mining, ore, ore to share the harmony.At the same time, and actively strive for national rare earth mine environmental recovery and management of mining project, plans to set up harmonious special funds, vigorously promote rare earth mine reclamation and environment management, utmost eliminates mining area geological disasters and risks, improve the ecological environment of rare earth mine.


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