Installation of spiral chute

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1)        First check the glass steel spiral slice quality (especially the work surface quality), size and shape to meet the requirements for assembly

2)        Screw plate connecting bolt hole by the general factory in advance with a drill. If the manufacturer has no processing is required, according to the same template drilling, in order to ensure good interchangeability.

3)        Bolt the five coil sheet are connected into a group of spiral groove, level set, two adjacent flange connection within the surface smooth transition is connected, special attention should be paid on the surface may not be lower than the corresponding lower sheet surface. Along the diameter direction.(the slot width direction) to edge alignment as the standard, do not allow plate rim inside, so the installation is intended to prevent the occurrence of ore fluid splash. Joint gap, with putty.

4)        The coupled five of a group of four (or two or three) spiral groove rotating together into a desired shape, distribution.

5)        The four roots (three) column is respectively arranged in four (or three, two) spiral groove, bolt the spiral groove and the pillar is fixed, then install the cross (tripod), so that each spiral along the park are cloth, then all bolts. After installation, spiral plate to maintain the natural shape, with no obvious variant.

6)        Would give mine groove and product interception groove are respectively arranged in the spiral groove of the head end and the tail end to ensure that the connection of close water leakage. If there is a gap, by coating sealing. To ensure the smooth transition of groove surface.

7)        To mine even divider and product assemble bucket and the slot bracket is not connected, free placed on the bracket, the installation should pay attention to in the chart are position. Each row of tube to distributor are respectively aligned with corresponding to the ore tank.

8Spiral chute base generally is not fixed, but on the same level of four a (three) plane basis, after installation, check the spiral groove of the vertical axis is vertical, in the column below plus shim adjustment vertical degree .Spiral chute to be at an appropriate height set operation platform, spiral chute pillar and the appropriate connection platform.

9Industrial scale use, should be configured with multiple groups, the ore separator quantitative feeding, spiral chute should be a continuous row configuration, in order to save area.


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