Jiangxi Hengchang Mining Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional scientific research, manufacturing, sales and on-site tracking service as one of the metallurgical processing machinery equipment company, located in the first production of metallurgical processing equipment, and enjoy the metallurgical base of mineral processing equipment, said China's most beautiful Lin Heung, China's tobacco town - fortress.


Jiangxi Hengchang Mining Machinery Co., Ltd specialized in manufacturing of products include: dressing shaker, flotation equipment, crushing equipment, crushing equipment, magnetic equipment, vibrating screening equipment, grading equipment, mixing equipment, feeding equipment, to mining equipment, re-sorting equipment, water separation equipment, spiral chute, jig, grinding equipment, milling equipment, sand pump, centrifugal pumps, transportation equipment and other products, and the other according to customer requirements of various types of mineral processing machinery and equipment The company products are widely used for sorting gold, silver, copper, iron, tungsten, lead, cobalt, View, zinc, tin, molybdenum, nickel, antimony, tantalum, niobium, manganese ore, coal, monazite, rutile, other precious metals and precious metals mine, and for the flotation colored, black, precious metals and other minerals.

Founded in 1995, the registered capital of 100 million, more than 100 staff, 18 research engineers, 60 skilled workers, after-sales service team of more than 10 people, with advanced machine tools, testing equipment, the company covers an area of ​​20,000 square meters, the company more times to obtain outstanding business award, is Shicheng of key enterprises, the company has been awarded the contract and trustworthy enterprises, service advanced units, are the backbone of the metallurgical industry, mineral processing machinery business.


Our products sell well all over the country for many years, especially in re-election equipment exported to Southeast Asian countries due to product quality, reliable after-sales service is good, in the majority of users enjoy a good reputation for the company to "thrifty business, honest, humble man , unity and harmony "as the four elements of business, follow the" quality survival, reputation and development "business philosophy," integrity, service, communication, progressive, pioneering and innovative "business purposes and the" continuous improvement, improve customer satisfaction "of the ISO & CE purposes.


In recent years, scientific research units across the country with close exchange and cooperation on product innovation and updating a series of highly efficient energy saving products, preferential price, dedicated and thoughtful on-site service, as always, to establish friendship with all the friends and receive drawings like, non-mechanical design and manufacturing and other aspects of sincere cooperation.


Shicheng County is a famous scenic spot in Jiangxi, rich in ancient sites, the existing state-level cultural relics protection unit 1, the provincial cultural relics protection unit 5, a provincial natural protection area, natural scenic spots 6, Hot Springs 4. The main attractions are the source of the Gan River Natural Reserve, Longyan Cliff, 7 km southeast of the county and the sky Zhai Yu Meng Temple, Temple shines as-Shan, Jiuzhaigou Hot Springs, Hot Springs Mianyang Square, burning lake hot springs, boiling hot springs lake and so on. Revolutionary sites are: the Red Army march on the eve of Lee La stone fortress site of blocking action, the Red Army reorganization Fall River site (Interim Military Commission Central Station), center of Soviet Red Army captured the year's largest white base - red Shizhaishan site, the Fourth Red Army military site, Mao Zedong and Zhu De, the former residence of fellow under the concept of Red Army military site of thirteen, Ray County, the CPC Central County site too, Shicheng former Soviet government, Shicheng revolution righteous memorial. River Right and cultural sites are: Song Baofu hospital tower, osmanthus House (King of the Taiping Young Fu Hong Tiangui cell), Komatsu Yangcun pavilion-style Square, Yongning clear gallery-style bridges, and ancient post road thoroughfare Fujian and Guangdong, the ancient city walls, gates, Hakka residential (Shaduan new home, Chen Enclosed, Dashe yellow house, etc.), as well as the right Lantern Jiang, Lei Cha, dinner wine, weeping, dragon boat race and other customs.